luni, 19 ianuarie 2009

Back on the road

Yes, I got my ride back!!! After a little trouble with the paperwork (yeah, I know, insurance companies suck) I finally managed to get my lazy ass behind the wheel. It was so white and shiny and pretty, just perfect for a drive on our muddy streets.
So here we go again. Back into traffic jams, idiot kids driving the father's big shot car for show-off reasons (obviously), idiots thinking they're the king of the roads, and so on... But it's my car :P

-=by mannes=-

duminică, 18 ianuarie 2009

White nights

The usual stuff, working by night, sleeping by day. As it's the case with the Friday-to-Saturday night. Instead of going out and spending cash on booze and/or women in clubs/pubs/disco, I ended up back home having to perform some upgrade an a few machines from work. Nice job!!! Do that again!!! It felt like France the last summer, except having do drive 125km back home.

At least the weekend was worth it!!! Now, study study study. I have an exam tomorrow and obviously I did nothing for it. Let's hope for the best!!!